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High-Quality Yamaha Golf Cars

At Southern Golf Cars, we specialize in the sales, repairs, and services of this reliable and trusted brand. Yamaha has a long proven history of success. From the advanced IntelliPower system with its state-of-the-art regenerative braking to the reliable Trojan batteries, designing a golf car is like playing a great round: it's about controlling all the factors.

The Yamaha Drive

Deep in the DNA of the Yamaha Drive is everything we've learned from our motorcycles, ATVs, and watercrafts. This includes the ability to build with fewer parts, leading to lighter weight, superior hill climbing ability, a 100% greaseless chassis, and the lowest maintenance costs in the business.

The Yamaha Concierge

This multi-passenger vehicle features the same dependability, power, and smooth ride that gives Yamaha cars their exceptional reputation, with an additional bench seat. This makes it the ideal vehicle for transporting guests in the greatest possible comfort. In fact, with the Concierge's extra wide bench seats, reduced-noise engine, and ultra-smooth suspension system, your guests will feel more like they're riding on air.

The Concierge runs on a ten-horsepower engine that operates quieter, cleaner, and more efficiently than just about anything else out there. Unrivaled power, unbelievable comfort, and unwavering reliability; all of these qualities make the Concierge a welcome addition to your staff.

Yamaha Drive and Concierge
Assorted STAR Golf Cars

Other Yamaha Vehicles Available:

  • Yamaha Drive 2
  • Adventurer Sport
  • Adventurer Utility

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