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57 Reasons for a Drive is the Choice

Reasons 41 - 50

41. Comfortable, contoured seat back - The cushion is made of supple foam bonded to a seamless, durable, fabric-backed cover. The seat back is one contoured piece, and the contours are designed to support the occupants and promote good posture. This is the most comfortable seat in the industry, and that's all there is to it.

42. Yamaha built motor control unit - If we're going to be the only manufacturer building our own motor control unit, then we figured we might as well make ours the most advanced in the industry. It communicates with the battery charger - also Yamaha built - and with the Yamaha Genius2 diagnostic and programming system. Its rollaway protection slows it down and lets you know if the brake isn't properly engaged, it ensures smooth starts to avoid turf damage, and its solid state electronics include a microprocessor with high-efficiency switching. Golf cars don't come any smarter!

43. Most responsible turning radius - We trimmed 50 centimeters off our turning radius. It's not the tightest turning radius in the industry, but we think it's the most responsible one. It's calculated to perform geometrically optimal tight turns that won't damage your turf.

44. Easy to clean cup holders - You know that really gross stuff that collects in the bottom of cup holders? We don't have that! Our cup holders are built with drain holes that keep liquids and debris from accumulating. And they're removable, so cleaning them is a snap.

45. Improved ground clearance - That awful grinding sound under the car is the skid plate striking a high spot. It's heard less often with The Drive, because we improved our ground clearance by 12% to ride right over the rough areas. That's one reason we don't need a skid plate.

46. Most reliable warranty in the industry - The Drive comes with a limited 3-year warranty. The Trojan batteries come with the industry's best battery warranty, a limited 4-year or 1,000 round warranty. And if anything should go wrong - hey, you're dealing with Yamaha. We're going to make it right!

47. Largest contoured seat in the industry - Deep, supportive contours are intended to help hold occupants in place while the car is moving. Designed to accommodate occupants of all different heights and sizes, it's made of pure, supple foam bonded to a seamless, fabric backed vinyl cover, and the polypropylene seat base is strengthened with plated steel inserts. Won't sag or warp, stands up to repeated pressure washings, and remains the most comfortable seat in the business, despite daily abuse.

48. Easy to maintain in-line battery layout - By arranging the batteries in a straight line, we simplified the wiring and connections, we reduced the number of hold-downs, and we made watering and maintenance easier. Such a simple thing. Why hasn't anybody else thought of it?

49. Yamaha built 357F gasoline engine - the largest in the industry - We're the only golf car manufacturer building its own engines. And this one is a beauty: at 357 cc's, producing 11.4 horsepower, it's the industry's largest and most powerful, providing 27% more hill climbing power than Club Car. And yet it's quiet and refined, virtually vibration free, with low emissions.

50. Large comfortable armrest - Exactly how important is an armrest? Depends on whether it's done right. Ours is strong, made of steel reinforced, glass-filled polypropylene. It's larger and wider than previous models, but it doesn't interfere with entry or exit. It's substantial enough to provide comfort and security for the occupants - and if that's not important, what is?

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