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57 Reasons for a Drive is the Choice

Reasons 11 - 20

11. Flexible, durable body panels - Our panels are made of custom formulated thermoplastic olefin with superior flexibility, durability, and cold resistance. They lock together and mount with fewer mounting points for better removeability: they're robotically painted with a two part topcoat of high luster, automotive grade polyurethane paint that's color matched to the body panel and they have twice the protection and fade resistance of previous models.

12. DriveCenter superior ergonomics - Every element of the driver's space - from the dash to the pedals, from the steering wheel to the armrests, from the seat to the top - was designed to provide optimum comfort and ease of use for drivers of different sizes.

13. Reliable Trojan batteries - How could we dream of powering our car with anything less than the most reliable, longest lasting batteries in the industry? Trojan Batteries also come with the industry's best warranty: 4 years or 1,000 rounds.

14. Best occupant space of any golf car - Best window of entry and exit. Best leg space in the industry. Best foot space, rear body to pedal. Improved steering height and position. Improved seat height and position. Improved headroom. There's no better space to occupy, and we've got the numbers to prove it!

15. Exclusive Yamaha Genius2 PDA based diagnostics and programming - There's a reason we call it "Genius." A common PDA with an infrared wireless connection allows for communication with The Drive's motor control unit. In addition, it enables customization of the speed and regenerative braking, using 25 setting to match your course and terrain. It stores and displays battery and vehicle data such as AMP hours, miles, and MCU serial numbers, as well as diagnostic and troubleshooting information, helping you get peak performance and maximum profitability from your Yamaha Drive!

16. Largest bag well/bag holder - It's the biggest bag holder in the industry, but it has an especially low load-unload height and a wide, easy to use strap clip to hold two tournament size bags securely in place while protecting body panels from scratches. It's made of scuff resistant plastic, textured to help keep bags from slipping, and it comes with built-in drainage holes to keep bags dry and make cleaning easy.

17. One piece fender well with integrated splash guards - The Drive's inner fenders are one piece, seamless plastic designed to keep delicate mechanical and electrical components from getting wet. The rear wells include integrated mud flaps to keep your customer's golf bags from being splashed on, so everything important is protected.

18. Most powerful 48-volt electric motor in the industry - Manufactured by Hitachi, our electronic motor is high quality, highly efficient, whisper quiet, and generates 3.5 horsepower, which beats anyone else's in the business! Its internal components are nickel-plated and stainless steel for corrosion resistance, and it even has its own internal solid state tachometer.

19. Sentry wraparound protection system - Your car comes with 360 degree protection against scrapes, scratches, and bumps. Polypropylene side sills protect against side impacts in front of and behind the tires, and our energy absorbing bumpers release air on impact to protect the body and frame. Hazards can approach from any angle. You're covered with the Drive!

20. Maintenance-free cast aluminum brake pedal - The cast aluminum brake pedal has no need for grease, and makes no "drumming" should when it's released, owing, of course, to the quality of parts surrounding it. It works with a single, Teflon coated cable that reduces the need for adjusting. It has an integrated 3-position parking brake; it's textured and positioned to provide comfortable operation for all drivers.

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