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The Yamaha Drive Electric Golf Car

Designing a great golf car is like playing a great round.
It's about controlling all the factors.

From the advanced IntelliPower system, with its state-of-the-art regenerative braking, to the ultra-reliable Trojan batteries, we're determined to leave nothing to chance.

We're the only golf car manufacturer that designs and builds its own motor control unit and battery charger.

No wonder we have the lowest maintenance costs in the business.

Want to know more particulars? Keep reading and we'll tell you about some of the reasons to consider the Yamaha Drive.

The Drive Electric Specifications     Accessories     The Drive Gas Vehicle

Largest Most Comfortable Seat in the Industry

Deep, supportive contours are intended to help hold occupants in place while the car is moving. Designed to accommodate occupants of all different heights and sizes, it's made of pure, supple foam bonded to a seamless, fabric-backed vinyl cover, and the polypropylene seat base is strengthened with plated steel inserts. Won't sag or warp, stands up to repeated pressure washings, and remains the most comfortable seat in the business despite daily abuse.

ClimaGuard Top with Dual Gutters

Our top is wider and extends farther in the front for maximum occupant protection, and it's longer in the rear to give maximum protection without interfering with the clubs. It has the only 360o double rain channel in the industry, and its integrated water drain system has an exclusive clog-proof design. It's built for rattle-free stability and has integrated grab handles as well as universal mounting points for information holders and GPS systems. So who's afraid of a little rain?

HybriCore Chassis

How do you make a chassis nearly 20% lighter and 2.5 times stronger? We mated an automotive, ladder-style, 100% robotically welded frame, protected by an 18-step paint process, with a polypropylene structural floor. A self-contained pedal box gives the pedals top and bottom protection from dirt, debris, and stray golf tees.

EnduraDrive Transaxle with Internal Disc Brake Technology

An industry first, inspired by the Yamaha ATV. A completely enclosed disc brake system that eliminates brake drums and shoes, needs only one brake cable, and is projected, based on extensive testing, to have an incredibly long life with essentially no maintenance.

Most Powerful 48-Volt Electric Motor in the Industry

Manufactured by Hitachi, our electric motor is high quality, highly efficient, whisper quiet, and generates 3.5 horsepower, which beats anyone else's in the business. Its internal components are nickel-plated and stainless steel for corrosion resistance, and it even has its own internal solid state tachometer.

Automotive-Style Dash

The auto industry spent a hundred years getting this right, so why not use it? We gave it four cup holders to hold different-size cups; a center storage area for wallets, cell phones, and personal items; six ball holders; six tee holders; and a big, easy-to-clean storage compartment on each side.

Tru-Trak II Fully Independent Front Suspension

No other golf car has a suspension like this. We designed a maintenance-free suspension using automotive-style, coil-over-shock struts to minimize roll and deliver a smooth, comfortable ride. Sooner or later, some golfer will offer to trade you his car for it.

Four 12-Volt Battery Configuration

Instead of six 8-volt batteries, we use four 12-volt batteries. It's more efficient and less expensive to maintain, and it also has fewer cables and terminal connectors. What's more, it's 57 pounds lighter than the old configuration. All the power with a lot less trouble.

Exclusive Yamaha Genius2 PDA-Based Diagnostics and Programming

There's a reason we call it "Genius". A common PDA with an infrared wireless connection allows for communication with the Yamaha Drive motor control unit. In addition, it enables customization of the speed and regenerative braking, using 25 settings to match your course and terrain. It stores and displays battery and vehicle data such as AMP hours, miles, and MCU serial numbers, as well as diagnostic and troubleshooting information, helping you get peak performance and maximum profitability from your fleet.

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Yamaha makes some of the most durable and dependable utility vehicles that you will ever find. 5 models available ranging from the Light Duty I for smaller tasks, all the way up to the Medium Duty II with a payload capacity of 800 lbs.

The Yamaha Concierge multi-passenger vehicle features the same dependability, the same power and the same smooth ride that give Yamaha cars their exceptional reputation.

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